Ceviche Town is a Peruvian Fusion restaurant that offers diverse flavors from the Peruvian gastronomy.

I affirm, without fear of sounding mistaken, that the act of cooking, with the ultimate purpose of restoring the physical bodies of the diners who sit at my restaurant, entails in itself an enormous kindness charged with unconditional love.

At C3VICH3 TOWN we demonstrate that WE ARE WHAT WE EAT

Our purpose is to remind you of who we are and in order to achieve this we must raise the vibration of our physical body.

I am Manuel Flores Di Liberto, Peruvian born with Sicilian blood running through my veins. I have chosen as my restaurant C3VICH3 TOWN logo, the alpha of creation, The Flower of Life, the sacred geometry.

It is a perfect mathematical language, which helps us to understand the Oneness, the unique origin of all things, which for some is GOD, Great Spirit, Infinite, Mother Nature. That is born in the mind of the Creator as an idea and becomes reality in the material universe.

This encoded information allows you to understand nature, the value of color and sound and much more. From this symbol are created all the possible forms in this dimension, the Platonic Solids.

This symbol is enclosed in my name and almost all the ancient cultures of the planet knew its meaning and value, the Egyptians, Greeks, Phoenicians, Romans, Celts, Mediterranean, Mesopotamians, Assyrians, Chinese, Mayans, Incas among others.

Destiny has also brought me to Florida, the 33rd state of the American nation, which also contains my name, the symbol of our restaurant and the universal reconnection frequency represented with the number 333.


At C3VICH3 TOWN we demonstrate that we are what we eat and we must not forget that we fall from the highest dimensions when we eat food corrupted by the system and fall victim to its numbness just like Sleeping Beauty.

The only way to return from that state is by the same means, eating food specifically treated for that purpose.

The truth will set us free, pay close attention to the following scientific information, which contains the message that the most famous man in history wanted to give us in the last two thousand years.

In order to experience true reality, we had to divide ourselves into three parts, the physical body, which resides in what we know as the material universe, the mental body, which constitutes all our memories and experiences of all lives or incarnations in the different dimensions, since we separated from the source.

This mental body is in a higher dimension called Akashic records and finally, the third and most important part, the spiritual body, residing in the divine dimension where the ALL and ALL are found.

In order to align the physical, mental and spiritual bodies in us, it is necessary to raise the vibration frequencies in our physical body, which is composed of atoms that in turn are composed of three subatomic particles: protons, neutrons and electrons. The electrons revolve around the nucleus of protons and neutrons thanks to an electromagnetic force that is composed of three electric charges: positive, negative and neutral. To raise our vibrations it is necessary to accelerate the speed of movement of the electrons around the nucleus and that is consciously done by raising the power of our electromagnetic charges also called Kundalini energy.



The Human body is composed of 80% water and 20% carbon. Carbon is the basis of organic chemistry and in its simplest composition is represented in the periodic table of chemical elements with atomic weight 12, because it contains 6 protons and 6 neutrons that constitute the nucleus and rotating around the nucleus 6 electrons.

We could then state that the ordinary constitution of carbon atom in our unconscious body is 666. The system preferred to manipulate this information from a fear perspective to benefit its plans of domination.

It is important to note that when you get your electrons to spin faster, there is a chemical phenomenon called a covalent bond, whereby all carbon atoms share 3 to 6 electrons all the time in their last orbit.

A similar reaction can be observed in carbon when it turns into diamond. The carbon in our bodies turns into glass and with this process we activate strands in our DNA that allow us to BE multidimensional, telepathic, to channel the energy of high vibration through our hands and to reconnect other disconnected beings whose physical bodies have become sick and through this process we can heal them.

We can also connect with beings of other dimensions and exchange information, the highest degree is when you reconnect with the source, in that moment you understand absolutely everything. It turns you into a Christ BEING, a superman, that was his message when he said: everything I have done and more YOU can do.


When we attain this new reality of dimensional connectedness, we are entering into a new energy. In this new dawn of the galactic day, the frequency of low vibration that is characterized by selfishness, all for myself, changes. This past energy state serves as the foundation for this new raise in vibration and the new reality that is characterized by sharing. When we understand that it is not necessary to establish a new world order, but rather reconnect with the universal order, is when critical mass is achieved to act together and shape this new reality on earth. We also understand that we are all the same. We are all one, the creator’s idea.


This is the purpose of our restaurant C3VICH3 TOWN, to restore our physical body with healthy and delicious foods that allow us to create the next city of light that illuminates other cities and so on. This is why I decree Miami as the city of C3VICH3 where the ceviche we serve is prepared with sea fish, after enjoying a life of freedom by swimming freely at sea, therefore, the vibration we ingest is of health and freedom.

We offer many options in our range of Peruvian dishes based on the ideology that moves our thoughts, while accepting the free will of each of our customers as they find the option that best suits them.

The main goal is to build a food and beverage distribution line based on our concept and expand as the business we will build together grows. The approaches we will use are innovative and will give our qualified partners an opportunity for financial freedom and unprecedented opportunities for investors looking forward to the future that awaits us.

We are full of optimism and energy to make our concept work and we look forward to the contribution of each one of you, your comments are considered of great value.

I am Manuel and I bid farewell with great appreciation to all and with much optimism towards the future.
IMMA 333